Benedicta Ndlovu, Governor

I am interested in standing as a governor in the Trust because Derby is my home. It is my passion to represent the views of the community and the wider communities merged by the Trust, and also to carry out duties for the good of the Trust.

I work in the Trust therefore new developments, ideas and changes affect me and my colleagues. To understand how the Trust is run is of great interest to me and my colleagues and it will be a pleasure to participate in the deliberations to improve services.

As a nurse, it will be an honour for me to represent nurses as well in this forum. Nurses have been through a lot especially during the pandemic, a lot of issues need to be addressed with representation from one of their own. As black woman, this is also an opportunity to represent issues that arise on ethnicity that the Trust needs to address. 

As a governor, ambassador for the Trust, I endeavour to support members' interests and ensure that the Trust is accountable to local people. It will be a pleasure to ascertain that views of members and the wider community are represented appropriately.

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