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BTE Primus Work Simulator

Derby proudly boasts a thriving manufacturing industry for which many of our patients depend on. Occupational Therapists at Group Rehabilitation have responded to the needs of our local community and are delighted to introduce the BTE Primus RS. The technology allows us to simulate the work-related tasks that you complete on a daily basis. Not only does this allow you to feel prepared to return to work, but it also ensures that you do not return on tasks which are unsafe or uncomfortable.

Why the BTE Primus RS?

  • It allows us to practice tasks which would otherwise be impossible. For example; digging, sawing and using a steering wheel.
  • Provides a safe environment to practice work-related tasks. Starting with a low intensity of effort and building over time, your efforts will be monitored and progressed at a pace which is safe and specific to your rehabilitation.
  • Objective information is gathered at each treatment session to clearly demonstrate progress. In some cases unexpected patterns emerge. These patterns are often transferrable to your workplace, and better management strategies can be put in place.
  • Experienced Occupational Therapists will interpret the numerical information that the BTE provides, and combine it with their own assessments to provide the best possible care.
  • In addition to work simulations, the BTE primus can offer strength, power and endurance testing of muscle groups. We can use these scores to compare between an affected and unaffected side. In some cases the data can be compared to more general averages in relation to age and gender.
  • Not all data is gathered to inform evaluations or work-related practices. The tracking of scores and clear demonstration of progress can improve your engagement, motivation, and trust in the rehabilitation process