Emrys Henderson, Governor

Emrys Henderson I want to ensure that we as a Trust are providing the best care and support for our patients, and the best education and opportunities for our staff.

My insight into the day to day running of the hospital has only expanded during a period of redeployment, allowing me a chance to question and understand choices made that impact the Trust at a higher level.

I plan to use these experiences, and increased knowledge gained during the COVID-19 pandemic to represent both staff and patient interests in the role of governor.

I believe staff have the right to question and challenge choices that will impact their future, as well as engaging in the decision making process. I aim to ensure staff opinion and Trust needs are factored into decisions and plans, and I am willing to represent the workforce, ensuring staff voices are heard.

As a staff nurse, I strive to achieve the PRIDE priorities that the Trust reaches for every day.

These priorities should be evident in all areas of the Trust, and as governor, I would aim to ensure these priorities are woven in every policy and decision made to support Trust development.

To contact this governor, send an email for their attention to uhdb.governor@nhs.net.