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Meet the team

Your treatment and care will involve a number of healthcare professionals who can support you in several different ways. These healthcare professionals make up the Derby-Burton Gynaecology Oncology Team.

The Specialist Nurse’s role is to offer you and your family support and information. We also act as a link between the people involved in your care from the time of diagnosis, through to any hospital treatments and beyond.

People experience a wide range of emotions when the possibility of cancer is mentioned. It can be a frightening and unsettling time. Whatever emotions you are feeling at the moment, it may be helpful for you to talk to someone who has time to listen and to answer any questions you may have. You will be able to discuss all aspects of your diagnosis, treatment (including any operation you may need to have) and other treatment which you require, with your nurse.

We can provide support and information on the kinds of treatment provided and introduce you to other colleagues along the way, who may be helpful to you in hospital or at home.

Here is our UHDB Gynaecology Oncology Nurse Specialist team;

Based at Derby

CNS’s Claire Hill, Sam Foster & Navigator Georgia Wright

Based at Burton

CNS's Tina Hampton & Clare Crampton


Gynaecology Oncology teams


Consultant Gynaecologists

Consultant Histopathalogists

Consultant Radiologists

Consultant Oncologists

Mr Viren Asher
Mr Andrew Phillips
Mr Summi Abdul
Mr Anish Bali

Dr G. Van Schalkwyk
Dr R. Hawari
Dr C. Acuda
Dr Nirav Gandhi

Dr Shama Puri
Dr Rathy Kirke

Dr Mojca Persic
Dr Lalith Seneviratne


Mr James Hollingworth
Mr El-Khanagry
Dr Raffi