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Gynaecology Oncology

Gynaecology Oncology

The Derby Gynaecological Cancer Centre aims to deliver the highest quality of care for women affected by gynaecological cancer. We help women undergoing the initial diagnosis, investigations, surgical treatment and follow up care.

We strive for the best survival outcomes and for treatment to be delivered in a way that minimises any potential harm. We aim to fully inform women about all their disease and the options available for their care.

We welcome any feedback on our service which might benefit other women diagnosed with gynaecological cancer.

Clinical Nurse Specialists

You can discuss all aspects of your diagnosis, and any treatment you may require, with your nurse specialist. They can provide support and information on the kinds of treatment provided and introduce you to other colleagues along the way, who may be helpful to you in hospital or at home.

Key contacts    ESGO

Clinical Nurse Specialist Team:

Derby telephone- 01332 785925

Burton telephone- 01283 593139


Gynaecology Oncology news and patient stories

image-Roz's photo.png
Roz's Advanced Ovarian Cancer Experience

Hi, my name is Roz and at the time of writing I am 52 years old, still working, married with 2 grown up children, 2 grandchildren, a horse and 3 kittens. Oh, and I have stage 4b epithelial high g...

Michelle's stage 3 Cervical Cancer journey

My name is Michelle and I am 45, this is my story… I received news on 16th March 2021 that treatment for my grade 3 stage 3 cervical cancer has been successful. A long hard, dark and scary j...

A patient smiling outside int he sun, with her white dog
Annette's Ovarian Cancer journey

Hello, my name is Annette and I wanted to share my experience with you. I find it difficult talking about myself, so hopefully you will bear with me! I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November...

Maureen's stage 4 ovarian cancer journey

Throughout my life I have always been fit and healthy, apart from colds and the odd bout of flu which I managed to throw off quite quickly. The only times I have spent a night in hospital were in 1967...