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2019 UHDB Governor Elections – Your chance to be part of our Trust

This year, we are looking for five Governors to form part of UHDB’s Council of Governors, with nominations due to open very shortly.

The Council is made up of 41 members who are elected by staff and public members of the Trust, or they are selected to represent the views of the specialist fields in which they work, and it is their role to ensure that the views of members and the wider community are represented appropriately and it has been re-constituted to reflect the wider communities served by the newly merged Trust.

The Council is not responsible for the day-to-day running of the Trust but is fully engaged with determining our future plans.

On Monday 15 April 2019, nominations open for five single seat positions in our Council of Governors, and they are the following:

  • Derby City
  • Derbyshire Dales and South Derbyshire (combined)
  • East Staffordshire
  • Lichfield and Tamworth (combined)
  • North West Leicestershire / Rest of England (combined)
  • Staff – Sir Robert Peel / Samuel Johnson

Mrs Elaine Day, who is one of our Voluntary Sector Governors for Staffordshire, says that being part of the Council is a brilliant way to give something back to the NHS and be part of UHDB’s journey.

She said: “I retired in 2007 when unfortunately, I was diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to the fantastic treatment I received in both Derby and Burton, I soon recovered and after that, I started to volunteer 12 hours a week and then the chance came for me to stand as a Governor.

“It’s very important to me that I’m a part of this Trust and that it encompasses all of our different communities. We have to look after our NHS and nurture it, so we need people to stand as Governors who have that same passion and belief to help make UHDB the best it can be. This is a great opportunity to be there at the beginning of a new Trust and to see it flourish.”

Mr Graham Lamb became a one of our Public Governors for East Staffordshire in 2016 after receiving care in Derby and Burton for a fractured cheek bone. He was so impressed with the care he received, that he decided to become more involved in the Trust and it’s something he’d recommend to anyone.

He said: “I really care about our local NHS and am really passionate about health for all age groups.

“I’d recommend anyone thinking of becoming a Governor to give it a try. This is a great chance to make sure that we continue to improve the level of care offered across our community to benefit your friends and family. “

The best way to submit a nomination is through the online portal www.ersvotes.com/uhdb2019 where you can upload your election statement, photo and get instant confirmation. Downloadable forms are also available from this site.

For further information on how to apply, and about our two upcoming information sessions, please visit https://www.uhdb.nhs.uk/about-2019-governor-elections.