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Celebrating the beautifully diverse mix of cultures that make up Team UHDB this Black History Month

Black History Month heritage

We are a diverse melting pot of many different cultures here at Team UHDB – with each member of our incredible workforce enriching our hospitals in their own way.

This diversity is something that we’re exceptionally proud of at UHDB and is something to be celebrated, so that’s exactly what we’ll be doing all the way through October as part of Black History Month.

All of our BAME colleagues have their own proud family history and heritage, and we want to honour and illustrate that this week by showcasing the beautiful mix of different cultures that make up the 13,000 or so staff across our hospitals.

With this in mind, we’ve asked members of our teams to share pictures of themselves wearing traditionally clothing or headwear that is symbolic of their family heritage or place of birth.

We are delighted to have received so many different ‘selfies’ as part of the campaign from our people that represent all of the different faces that make up Team UHDB – you can see a few of them for yourself below: 

Diana Gonyora, Diabetic and Endocrinology Staff Nurse on Ward 310 - wearing traditional Zimbabwean clothing from the Shona tribe.

Diana Gonyora

Anu Keezhethumattam Chacko, Registered Nurse on Ward 3 Kings Lodge, at Florence Nightingale Community Hospital - wearing a traditional Kasavu Saree from Kerala, in South India. 

Anu Keezhethumattam Chacko

Precious Basvi, Clinical Research Sister from UHDB's Research & Development team - dressed up in clothing and headwear from Zimbabwean culture.

Precious Basvi

Chinenye Omesili, Junior Clinical Fellow from the RDH Medical Assessment Unit. 

Chinenye Omesili

Analyn Barawed, Senior Staff Nurse from Step Down Unit/Ward 208 at RDH - wearing a black dress from the Philippines called a 'Terno', as popularised by former '70s first lady Imelda Marcos.

Analyn Barawed

Lilllian Phiri, Registered Nurse on Ward 2, at Florence Nightingale Community Hospital - dressed in traditional clothing from Zimbabwe.

Lilllian Phiri

Alexander Nyathi, UHDB Senior Radiographer - wearing traditional Zimbabwean clothing.

Alexander Nyathi

Lucky Sembi, Ward 404 receptionist at RDH - wearing a traditional Indian Saree.

Lucky Sembi

Abrar Zaheen Khan, Junior Clinical Fellow from the RDH Acute Medicine team - wearing a "panjabi-payjama", which is traditional Bangladeshi dress.

Abrar Zaheen Khan

Dr Fauzia Begum, Long Covid Project Lead for UHDB's Occupational Health and Wellbeing team - wearing a traditional Asian dress for Eid celebrations last year.

Fauzia Begum

Mwansa Mulenga, Corporate Senior Nurse - dressed up in traditional Zambian clothing.

Mwansa Mulenga