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Community Midwife and new mum backs local birthing pool appeal

Aimiee Birthing Pool

A proud new mum is backing a major Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity appeal after having the relaxed birthing experience she dreamed of.

Amiee Grix, a Community Midwife from Burton gave birth to baby Alfred in the birth pool at Queen’s Hospital in Burton in September 2021.

Amiee now wants to raise awareness of the Birthing Pool Appeal, which aims to raise £10,000 to fund the development of a new cutting-edge birthing pool suite, helping to give other mums-to-be the chance of experiencing the benefits of water during labour.

After experiencing the relaxation of a warm bath, Amiee wanted to harness that relaxing sensation during her birthing plans, “I got in the pool and the gas and air had been doings its job but getting in the pool, you could just feel that element of being totally relaxed in comparison to standing up to next to bed holding on to gas and air for dear life.

"I got in the pool, my waters broke and fifteen minutes later Alfred was there but even the pushing element of it, I felt so in control and so much more relaxed.”

Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity’s Birthing Pool Appeal was launched in response to a growing number of mums-to-be who are choosing water as their primary pain relief when giving birth.

Amiee said, “For new mums who aren't used to hospitals, that might be the first time they see a birthing suite so seeing it set up for its intended purpose rather than a room that's then been adapted, I think it will make a massive difference for mums being relaxed and then letting their body go with the flow. It makes a huge impact on your labour and its outcome.”

The refurbished room will be made complete with a fully accessible ergonomic pool, sympathetic décor, and dimmable LED lighting to help give parents the most relaxing experience possible.

To donate or fundraise for the Birthing Pool Appeal click here >