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Dietitian says Windrush Day marked a new chapter for her family

FNCH dietitian shares Windrush Day story

Today, Wednesday, 22 June is Windrush Day, a day that means many things to our staff, patients and the communities we serve.

To mark the milestone, Delisha-Joy Ruskin, Community Dietitian based at Florence Nightingale Community Hospital, has shared the story of her grandparents’ journey to England.

Here is her story in her words.

“Windrush Day. This is the day that people from the West Indies came to England to “help the Motherland”.

“This was the unique selling point that resounded up and down the Islands of the Caribbean when people were asked to fill job vacancies in the UK.

“Britain was in a post war stage of recovery and work was a plenty, but as the saying goes, the workers were few.

“My grandparents (both maternal and paternal) answered the call to come to England from Jamaica.

“This was a new chapter for our families’ lineage; and the rest they say is history.

“My grandfather joined the postal service and worked as a lollipop man. My grandmother worked for British Airways. Many many years later, I Delisha-Joy Ruskin work as a Community Dietitian, my brother is a graphic designer and my sister is a teacher.

“Jamaica has a special and significant place in our family’s identity and we often speak to our family members there.

“Windrush is a story about how directions in our life can take an unexpected turn and end up with a bright future.”