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Dr Prantik Das and Susan Feely: Patient Hero Award

Two members of our fantastic Oncology team have won this month’s ‘Patient Hero Award’, after being nominated by a family for the superb support provided to both a patient and their loved ones.

The wife of one of our patients at the Royal Derby Hospital took the time to express their huge thanks to both Dr Prantik Das and Susan Feely for “being so good at [their] jobs” and helping her husband through his stage 4 cancer treatment. 

Consultant Oncologist Dr Prantik Das and Oncology Secretary Susan were both singled out for praise for the kindness and compassion shown to the family, with this nomination serving as a fantastic example of UHDB colleagues working together to improve our patients’ and visitors’ hospital experience.

In addition to thanking Dr Das for his superb professionalism and for “always making the time” to treat his patient and answer any questions, the family also wanted to acknowledge Susan for being consistently polite and courteous when assisting them.

In their own words: “We appreciate you more than you could know.”

The pair were handed their awards earlier today by UHDB Chair Dr Kathy McLean during a surprise presentation in front of colleagues.  

Dr Das said: “It’s a great pleasure and honour to have been nominated for this award by a patient. I do want to dedicate this award to the entire team though, as everyone works so hard to improve both patient care and their experience in our hosptials.”

Susan added: “It was a big surprise and I am very touched.  I just feel like I’m doing my job and hopefully come across the same way to every patient I speak to.”

The monthly Making a Different Awards commend staff who show compassion, openness and excellence each day in our hospitals that perfectly match up with our values.