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Hospital Out of Hours Team at RDH thanked for going above and beyond

Hospital Out of Hours Team

Royal Derby Hospital’s Out of Hours Team received the Team UHDB award for their remarkable work throughout the pandemic.

The nomination for the Hospital Out of Hours team commended their dedication to patient care and highlights their enormous effort to support patient care. She said: “The team are an invisible workforce keeping patients safe overnight.

“The pandemic had really impacted the team, the workload and acuity of patients is unprecedented. However, the team have shown positivity, resilience, integrity and adaptability, all working together with a shared goal of providing exceptional care to save lives.

“I am incredibly proud of the team and how they have conducted themselves in an exceptional manner.”

Magnus Harrison, Executive Medical Director, praised the team for their outstanding service to patients and presented the team with the UHDB Making a Difference Award to thank them for their efforts.

Lorraine O’Connor, Night Nurse Practitioner, said: “Since our new manager and clinical lead, Terri-Ann Walsh and Alice Mccomb, they’ve changed our team and supported us immensely for the last two years, especially through the pandemic.

“They’ve encouraged us to get our training and go onto ACP roles. They’ve been fundamental in how the team has changed, and I can’t thank them and the team enough.”

If you would like to nominate a colleague or team for a Monthly Making a Difference Award, please let us know.

There are four monthly Making a Difference Awards categories:

  • Chief Executive Award – chosen by Gavin Boyle
  • Patient Hero Award – nominated by patients
  • Team UHDB Award – you can nominate your team or another team
  • Excellent Employee Award – you can nominate your colleagues

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