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In memory of Colette Morley

Colette Morley

We are very sorry to announce the sad passing of Colette Morley, a Modern Housekeeper on Ward 405 at Royal Derby, due to illness. Colette had worked at the Trust for nearly 19 years and will be known for her starring role in the ITV documentary Superhospital, filmed at Royal Derby.

Colette’s friends and colleagues on Ward 405 will remember her unique personality, describing her as the life and soul of not only the party, but also the ward. She had a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone if she could. Colette loved her role and the contribution she made to their patient’s experiences. Her colleagues say she assumed the role of ‘mother’ to the second family she created on Ward 405 and for taking a starring role in Superhospital, which featured Colette’s unforgettable dancing. She was so much more than a Modern Housekeeper, she was a fundraising superhero, an energetic, beautiful, glamorous, fun loving, kind and caring, very special member of the team who will be sorely missed but never forgotten.   

Colette’s loss will be felt across the hospital by many friends and colleagues and those whose lives she touched over the years. Our heartfelt condolences go to Colette’s family, friends and colleagues.