How does the Lead Employer Model work?

All new trainees working under the Lead Employer model will be contacted via our TRAC recruitment system to carry out their pre-employment checks and they will then commence employment at UHDB at the end of their training. 

Please note, that an original document check is required to complete the pre-employment checks and we would expect trainees to bring in their original documents to either the Royal Derby Hospital prior to their first rotation.

Once cleared to work, host trusts will be informed and they will be given the trainees annual leave allowance based on how long they have worked in the NHS. For more information on the annual leave allowances, please visit the NHS Employers website under Terms and Conditions.

The host trust will contact the trainee and issue their work schedules and induction arrangements.

The trainee will commence at the host trust as instructed and will not need to carry out any pre-employment checks, but will need to take their passport and BRP for proof of identity (if requested by the host trust).

The trainee’s will abide by the UHDB policies at all times and the host trusts codes of practice and guidance’s.