Leave, Relocation and Claiming Expenses

Trainees are expected to use the UHDB Trust Policy for Attendance and Management.  Further information can be found in the Workplace Policy and the guide for Trainees and Host Trusts.

Study leave and the claiming of associated expenses cannot be applied for using the EASY expenses system.  Trainees will apply for study leave and course expenses through the Intrepid Curriculum Study Leave (CSL) and is signed off by approvers at the Host Trust. Further information for study leave and associated expenses can be found in the guide for Trainees and Host Trusts.

Trainees are to use the HEE EM relocation policy in conjunction with the UHDB Trust Policy for claiming expenses.  The Trust Policy can be found in our Guidance for Trainees and Host Trusts & Workplace Policies section.

Forms must be completed and returned to uhdb.radiologyleademployer@nhs.net with the supporting receipts as requested in the Trust Policy. Please allow eight to twelve weeks from the date of receipt to approve and pay relocation expenses.  We can only process relocation expenses once you have become an employee at the Trust.