Presidents of their profession

Dave to become second UHDB President of Society of Radiographers

Superintendent Radiographer, Dave Pilborough

A Therapeutic Radiographer has been named as the new Vice President for the Society of Radiographers (SOR), and will go on to become UHDB’s second President of the organisation.

Dave Pilborough is a Superintendent Therapeutic Radiographer based at Royal Derby Hospital and after putting himself forward for nominations from his peers, he was named as the SOR’s new Vice President earlier this year.

The role will see Dave progress through the ranks, spending a year acting as Vice President before becoming President Elect in 2022, President in 2023 and finally Past President in 2024.

The SOR was formed in 1920 and is the trade union and UK professional body for the diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy workforce and has around 20,000 members across the UK.

During his time in post, Dave wants to help boost the profile of his colleagues working within this specialist area.

He said: “I see my role as president as being there to help showcase the work that radiographers do as I think we’re a profession that’s very much behind the scenes, but we’re a vital part of the NHS.

“We cover a really wide range of specialities, so most patients will see a Radiographer at some point during their time in hospital, whether that be for diagnostic purposes, so for an X-ray or a CT scan, or for therapeutic reasons, such as cancer treatment.

“I also see it as my role to not just help my current colleagues, but those who are rising through the ranks behind me. The SOR is also one of the biggest single profession trade unions in the UK, so it is very much my responsibility to ensure the views and voices of my colleagues are heard.”

Dave began his training in Radiography in 2004 after changing careers from accounting, and joined the team at Royal Derby Hospital six years later. After holding a long-standing interest in running for president, it was in late 2019 that he decided to seek nominations from his colleagues.

Dave said: “I’ve been involved in this side of things for a while, going to rep and council meetings and it’s something that’s grown from there.

“I’ve been thinking about putting myself forward for the role of President for a number of years, but I was surprised when I found out I’d been successful. Being the boss is going to be good; but there’s a lot to learn between then and now!”

His appointment also held a personal significance, as Dave’s late father was also a president of the National Union of Teachers.

He added: “I’m really proud to be following in his footsteps.”

Dave is the second member of Team UHDB to ascend to the presidency of the SOR, after former colleague Sue Johnston held the post from 2011 – 2012, something which Dave believes hasn’t been achieved before.

He said: “It’s unprecedented for an organisation to have had two SOR presidents in its ranks so I think it really puts UHDB out there and raises our profile.”

Dave joins a number of other members of Team UHDB who have achieved the role of president of their respected organisations, including:

  • Dr Andrew Goddard: President of the Royal College of Physicians
  • Miss Gill Tierney: President of the Association of Surgeons for Great Britain and Ireland
  • Miss Mary O’Brien: President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
  • Dr Tanya Bleiker: President of the British Association of Dermatologists
  • Dr Tanuja Shah: President of Age Anaesthesia Association
  • Alison Cropper: President of British Association for Cytopathology