Welcome to Pharmacy at UHDB

We’re passionate about improving the benefits every patient gets from their medicines. Whether that’s by our clinical teams talking to patients on the wards or answering queries from our helpline we’re here to share our medicines expertise 24/7. We aim to continuously improve the safety of medicines use across UHDB and whether that’s by enhancing our comprehensive aseptic service or adjusting our electronic prescribing systems we always strive to do better.

Innovation has always been embraced by the pharmacy team at UHDB and we lead the way on utilising automated dispensing systems, pharmacist prescribers, electronic prescribing, Intravenous additive services, outsourced outpatient dispensing and 24/7 onsite services.

All of our pharmacy services are backed up by comprehensive training  and development opportunities, so whether you’re new to pharmacy or have years of experience, I’m confident we’ll have a role to suit you.

For further information please contact me:


Clive Newman
Chief Pharmacist & Accountable Officer for Controlled Drugs