Our facilities


The Laboratory was built in 2009 and is designed to meet regulatory standards and customer quality testing requirements. The Laboratory has been established for over 30 years having been based at the old Derby Royal Infirmary and City General sites before amalgamating at the new Royal Derby site. Customers are welcome to visit the Laboratory to meet the team and discuss service requirements. 


The laboratory is well equipped with fully validated and calibrated equipment to meet customer testing requirements. This includes the following:

  • Gen III MicroStation micro-organism identification system including Bacterial, Filamentous Fungi and Yeast databases.
  • A dedicated sterility testing clean room and support facilities with a CAS Laminar Flow cabinet and Sartorius Sterisart® Universal Pump 16419
  • 15 LMS Series 3 cooled incubators with fully controlled temperature monitoring via the Comark temperature monitoring system
  • Water sample testing equipment: Pall triple manifold (Product no 15 11) and Pall vacuum pressure pump P730-BN 
  • AFA 1000 fume cabinet (in the microbiology laboratory)
  • HEPAIRE Laminar Flow cabinet (in the microbiology laboratory)
  • 2 anemometers: an Airflow AV.2 and Airflow LCA 501
  • 2 air particle counters: a Met one model 3100 series and Met one A2400 series
  • A Mettler Toledo pH meter SevenEasy S20
  • 4 SAS SUPER 100 – 180 surface air samplers
  • Getinge autoclave 130 litre capacity
  • 2 light boxes 
  • Impulse bag sealer 
  • 3  Adelphi Accuramatic MK7 pumps
  • Getinge washer 46 Series 
  • 2 Adelphi crimping machines 
  • 2 top pan balances: Oertling Model No OB152 
  • Sartorius 1602 MP analytical balance
  • 2  Leica DM2000 microscopes
  • 50 TR52 temperature data loggers (temperature range -60?C to +155?C)