Additional Information for children's audiology

Products and technology

There is a wide range of products and technology that can assist with communication.

You may be entitled to technologies and products through the educational services and social services free of charge. The most widely used technologies in schools are radio aids or soundfield systems which can be provided by your local authority. You may wish to enquire about devices to help with everyday life such as a vibrating alarm clock, doorchime, smoke alarm system which can be requested from social services.

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The National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS) has a loan service, which gives children and young people, along with their families, the opportunity to borrow products and trial before purchasing.

There are a variety of apps available which can assist communication as well as entertain. The NDCS offer some guidance on what apps are available and considerations to take.

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Additional specialist equipment for deaf and hearing impaired people for both home and work may also be purchased from private supplies such as Connevans.

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Additional resources

Phonak offer some advice regarding troubleshooting hearing aids. They have also published some short videos on Youtube which may assist you.

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Parents of children and young people with a hearing loss may be interested in accessing the following clubs and societies.  

The following leaflets may also be of benefit to young people with a hearing impairment.


Useful websites

Action on Hearing Loss (AoHL)

AoHL is a charity for deaf and the hearing impaired. They aim to raise awareness of deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus, as well as giving training courses, offer communication services, provide support and sell assistive listening equipment.

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CamTAD Derby

CamTAD Hearing Support is a charity, based in Derby at the Florence Nightingale Community Hospital. They aim to help hearing impaired patient access services, equipment and strategies that are available to them.

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