Visiting guidance

Restrictions remain in place and inside all of our hospitals you still need to wear a mask. Please see information for visitors > before you plan on visiting.

Phlebotomy (blood tests)

We hold blood test clinics at Royal Derby Hospital, Florence Nightingale Community Hospital, Queen's Hospital Burton, Samuel Johnson Community Hospital and Sir Robert Peel Community Hospital. 

We also provide local clinics around the community to help patients who may find it difficult to travel to our hospitals.

UHDB patients can now book themselves in for a blood test (opens in new window) > online at each of our five hospitals.

Via the new Switftqueue booking system, UHDB patients will be able to book an appointment at our blood clinics at Royal Derby Hospital, Queen's Hospital Burton, Florence Nightingale Community Hospital, and now also at Samuel Johnson Community Hospital and Sir Robert Peel Community Hospital. 

Please note that the service provided at both Samuel Johnson and Sir Robert Peel Community Hospitals is only for patients who have had their bloods ordered by the Trust patients referred by their GP will not be seen. 

From the beginning of October 2020, blood tests at Samuel Johnson Community Hospital will be a fully booked service only. Sir Robert Peel blood tests can, at present, be accessed after booking online, although this will also change to bookings only shortly. 

All patients who attend clinic, having had their blood test requested by UHDB clinicians, will have been provided with a leaflet containing a link to book their next appointment online via Swiftqueue. 

Any patients who do not have access to a computer will be supported by clinic staff and seen as a walk in at Samuel Johnson until an alternative booking method is available.

Book your blood test appointment

To help reduce patient waiting times and to support social distancing we strongly advise all patients to use our new online appointment system before attending for a blood test. The new service helps patients, their carers, and family members to plan their trip to a blood clinic, helping to reduce clinic waiting times and enabling patients to be seen much more quickly.

Book your blood test appointment (opens in new window) >