Coronavirus guidance

Restrictions remain in place and inside all of our hospitals you still need to wear a mask, wash your hands and follow social distancing. Please see information for visitors > before you plan on visiting.

Things to consider when visiting our hospitals

We always put the safety and wellbeing of our patients first, which has been even more important during the coronavirus pandemic.

To help us reduce the spread of infection and keep our colleagues, patients and visitors safe, we are asking all visitors to our hospitals to adhere to some key safety measures that we've introduced.

Things to consider when attending our hospitals from UHDB Communications on Vimeo.

Please adhere to safety measures demonstrated above when visiting our hospitals.

Wear a face mask

You should wear a face mask on entrance to our hospitals, and throughout the duration of your visit. If you forget to bring one, there will be face masks available at the entrances, but it is important these are picked up and put on correctly to avoid contamination. 

  • Firstly consider washing or sanitising your hands (opens in new window) > for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Identify the top of the mask, which is where the thicker strip is, and check that the white side of the mask is facing inwards.
  • Then put on your mask over your nose, mouth and chin and hook the straps behind your ears. Pinch your nose so the metal strip moulds to the shape of your nose.


When leaving our hospitals, please remove and dispose of your face mask safely in the bins near each exit marked ‘PPE waste’.

*Exceptions to wearing a face covering are allowed on an individual basis for vulnerable people, people with disabilities, children, and those with certain medical conditions.

Stay 2m apart

You should avoid close contact with anyone you do not live with. Across our hospitals, we’re asking patients and visitors to protect themselves and each other, by aiming to keep a 2m distance at all times.

Keep left and look out for signage

When you are walking through our hospitals, look out for signs and follow instructions. To help stay 2m apart from others, please walk on the left in corridors at a steady pace.  

If you are using a lift, you will notice that restrictions are in place. Only two people are allowed per lift, and they should stand on the yellow floor markers.

If you’re using the stairs, these are now one way, so some stairs are for going up, and some will be for going down. Look out for the signs, and if the stairs you want to use are for the wrong direction, ask a member of staff where the next staircase is.

Wash or sanitise your hands

Washing or sanitising your hands is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself and others in our hospitals.

You should wash or sanitise your hands for roughly 20 seconds. If you do not have immediate access to soap and water then use alcohol-based hand rub. Alcohol gel dispensers are by most beds and at the entrances of all wards for patients and visitors to use. It’s good practise to use these as and when you can during your visit.