Midwife led care at home or in hospital


If you are physically well and healthy and the likelihood of you or your baby developing problems in pregnancy is low, then we recommend that you are cared for by a midwife. You can choose whether you would like to give birth at home or in hospital.

The midwife will be your first point of contact, for information and support for all your pregnancy and birthing needs.

Apart from when you have your scans at the hospital, your antenatal appointments will be held at your local GP surgery, health centre or children’s centre.

Contact your local community midwifery team

Babington team

Babington Hospital
Derby Road
Telephone: 01773 525 085 

Coleman team

Coleman Street Health Centre
Coleman Street
Telephone: 01332 861 192 

Devonshire team

London Road Community Hospital
London Road
Telephone: 01332 254 714 

Long Eaton team

Long Eaton Health Centre
Midland Street
Long Eaton
Telephone: 01158 554 060 

Swadlincote team

Swadlincote Health Centre
Civic Way
Telephone: 01283 818 030