Coronavirus guidance

If you think you may have symptoms of Coronavirus, follow the national guidance and self-isolate for seven days. We have Introduced a number of measures and changes to help delay the spread of the virus and maintain essential health services for those that will continue to need them during these unprecedented times. If you, or a member of your family has tested positive for Coronavirus, please find resources to aid your/their recovery on our Coronavirus - Supporting your recovery page.

Coronavirus - Information and changes to our Maternity Services

View the latest guidance and information about our services on our Maternity Services during Coronavirus page.

We understand this is a challenging time for expectant mothers and new parents. Information and guidance is regularly changing and we will make every effort to keep women and families updated. 

Your pregnancy

For the majority of women, pregnancy and birth is a normal healthy life event. If you have any concerns about what may happen during this time, you will be able to discuss these and any choices you wish to make with your midwife or doctor during your pregnancy.

At the beginning of the pregnancy a midwife will review your medical and childbearing history. Most women will receive most of their care from a midwife. However, if you or your midwife has any cause for concern (at the beginning or at any time during your pregnancy), you will be offered a referral to the hospital to see a member of the multidisciplinary team who can provide the right advice and care for you.

Your midwife will discuss the following options with you and support you in your choice of care.

Following your first appointment with your midwife you will be given your maternity records. It is important to bring your maternity records to every appointment in pregnancy.