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Ahmed Haroun, Governor

Ahmed Haroun Quite a few colleagues have written urging me to put my name forward so as to expand on the roles that I proudly do to promote their welfare within all our sites.

I sincerely hope that I may continue to improve their work environment and morale. Especially in times of crisis, inertia within the NHS may frustrate the front-line staff. I would like to play a small part in the team that facilitates getting that wheel turning. Ultimately, it is the empowered and well-supported doctors that best serve their community.

For fifteen years, I have been a UHDB consultant anaesthetist along with numerous other roles. As a Foundation Programme Director, I help educate and shape our future doctors and leaders.

I volunteer well-spent time mentoring new colleagues to navigate the corridors of NHS workings. Unfortunately, many have found steering through the NHS labyrinth as well as keeping on top of their work-life balance just a little too much. My proudest moments have always been supporting colleagues within the professional support unit. Sometimes simple guidance from someone who has been there, is all it takes.

I have been voted as the Local Negotiation Committee representative for twelve years and its chair for four. This is such a humbling and rewarding experience. As a linkman for a few charities supporting our Trust, I hope that as a governor I continue to raise our Trust’s profile.