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Childrens Emergency Department at Royal Derby Hospital

The children’s emergency department sees over 34,000 patients a year, and is often the first and only part of the hospital that children and young people and their families come into contact with.  The department was specially designed to be welcoming to children.

We cater for all acute trauma and the initial assessment of children and young people from a variety of sources, and use the latest IT systems to track patients during their assessment and care.

Our Services

We primarily see children and young people who are referred by their GP for a paediatric review.  Other patients are brought in directly by their parents, or via a 999 call.  The department also provides a service for the Child Protection Unit.

Patients seen in CED can be admitted to a ward for further observation, discharged home, or transferred for more appropriate specialist care at another hospital or in the community.

The Children's Emergency Department is part of the Paediatric Emergency Research Network (PERUKI), is a Grid accredited training site and the co-located Paediatric Observation unit has been used by the RCPCH as an example of good practice

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