Pump-Priming Research Grant Scheme

The aim of the scheme is to increase the level of research activity within the Trust by supporting enthusiastic and committed staff to participate in research.

Our goals are:

  • to enable researchers to carry out feasibility studies that will inform applications for funding from research funding bodies e.g. NIHR, Wellcome Trust etc.
  • to secure solid publications in well-recognised, peer-reviewed journals;
  • to provide evidence to improve clinical effectiveness and;
  • to enable clinical researchers to pursue their research interests and enhance their research skills, thereby developing the research skills base within the Trust.

Below are the applicants who have been successful on this scheme to date:-


  • Dr Ronit Das
  • Dr Laura Edwards
  • Dr Tareq Eldehni
  • Dr Iskandar Idris
  • Ms Victoria Jansen
  • Mrs Catherine Johnson
  • Dr Mathew Piasecki
  • Dr Emma Salt
  • Ms Hannah Scrafton
  • Mrs Rachelle Sherman


  • Dr Shalini Ohja
  • Mr Antony Bateman
  • Dr Gitika Joshi
  • Ms Ellen Bramall
  • Dr Graham Johnson
  • Mr Simon Williams
  • Dr Graham Johnson