Badger Notes

We have moved to a new digital maternity system called Badger Notes, which will replace handheld paper maternity notes. 

We have moved to a new digital maternity system. If your estimated due date is after 24 September 2024, you can access your maternity record on Badger Notes online or download the app.

If your estimated due date is before 24 September, Badger Notes will provide useful resources after your baby is born.


Access the Badger Notes website (opens in new window) >

Please note: you will not be able to log in to Badger Notes until you are given a passphrase to create your account at your next midwife appointment. 

Badger Notes allows easier access and control of your pregnancy notes:

  • View your maternity records on your mobile phone, tablet and computer before, during and after birth.
  • Track weekly development of your pregnancy.
  • Share your thoughts and choices about your maternity care.
  • View some test results.
  • Add personal diary entries and photos of your growing bump.
  • Access our full library of pregnancy leaflets and recommended information.

Badger Notes FAQ

How do I download Badger Notes?

Go on to Google Play or App Store and download Badger Notes or visit the website Badger Notes website (opens in new window) >

How can I register on the app?

You will just need your email address, an activation phrase that will be given to you by your midwife and you will get a code by text message. Use this code to set Badger Notes on your phone.

How to create a new Gmail account?

Access Google Support for guidance on creating a Gmail account (opens in new window) >

What do I do if I forget my password?

All you need is your email address and phone number  and you can create a new password on the Badger Notes website (opens in new window) >

What email address should I use?

It is best if you create your Badger Notes account with the email address linked to your NHS account or app.

How do I get my NHS login details?

You will be given the option to 'Register using NHS login' as well as the standard account creation on the App. Selecting this option will take you to the NHS website where you can use your new or existing NHS login details to create your Badger Notes account. 

What does the app do?

You can view your antenatal care plan, any recommended reading that you need. You can also have use it to jot down questions about your care, birth plan and postnatal care to remind you to discuss with your midwife or care team. This is in 'Conversation'. You can also use the personal diary and photo album to keep memories throughout your pregnancy.  

Can I access my medical records through the app?

No. The Badger Notes app does not replace your NHS app. You can view maternity records that your midwife sends to your Badger Notes about your care.

How do I communicate with healthcare providers using the app?

You can find contact for your hospital team and named midwife on the main menu of the Badger Notes app.

Is the app accessible for people with disabilities - can I increase text size?

By increasing the text size in your phone settings, all the texts in your Badger Notes app also increase. Badger Notes also has a text-to-speech feature to support users with visual impairment.

What do I do if my Badger Notes App fails to open?

It could be down to internet issues. Contact your midwife if you experience this.

How do I update my profile or preferences?

In 'edit profile' on the main menu. You can change your name, email address and phone number.

Can I receive reminders or notifications for appointments or medication?

No. Your appointment will be written on your 'My passport', which would be given to you by your midwife.

Can I open the Badger Notes app and see my care plan when I do not have internet?

The Badger Notes app requires internet connection to log in to the app.

How do I give feedback or suggestions about the Badger Notes app?

There is a feedback button on the main menu on the Badger Notes app. 

How does the diary and photo feature work?

You can use the personal diary and photo album to keep memories throughout their pregnancy. The photo feature helps you keep track of your growing bump.


If you have questions about Badger Notes, please speak to your midwife in the first instance.