Video consultations

With the support of NHS England and NHS Improvement we are now offering video consultations to some of our patients.

This forms part of our response to the Covid-19 (coronavirus). The decision to offer this type of appointment will be made by a medical professional depending on your individual care needs.

Video consultations are easy to use and are often more convenient – saving you time and money.

What do I need to use video consultations?

NHS Attend Anywhere is a secure web-based platform for patients with pre-arranged video consultation appointments. You can use the platform on any PC, Mac or iOS/Android device, by downloading and installing Google Chrome (opens in new window) > (for PC/Mac/Android devices) or by  downloading and installing Safari (opens in new window) > (For iOS devices and Macs).

Read a quick guide to video conferencing for patients (opens in new window) >

How Does it Work?

Attend Anywhere is a secure NHS video call service for patients with pre-arranged appointment times only. If you are due to have a video consultation, we will schedule your appointment as normal and send you the details of the appointment date and time. Please remember to test your equipment before your appointment.

Test your equipment before your video conference appointment (opens in new window) >

On the day of your Video Consultation

Five minutes before your appointment time, go to the general waiting room. You will be taken through a series of steps to ensure that your equipment is set up correctly. Once the steps have been completed, you will be prompted to enter your name and telephone number and accept the terms and conditions. This information is not stored beyond the length of the video call.

*Please note - you must use either the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser, or the Safari web browser on an Apple iMac, Macbook, iPad or iPhone.

Once these steps have been followed, click on the 'Start Call' button and you will enter the waiting room until your consultation begins. You will see yourself on the video and hear music. The waiting room is private and you will not see other patients.

When the consultation is ready to begin, your image will shrink and move to the corner of the screen and you will see your clinician. The video call is free (except your internet usage charge) and data is not used whilst you are in the waiting room.

General waiting rooms

Additional waiting rooms



Name Size/Type Description Date
Attend consultations via video - Patient information leaflet 1751KB PDF 07 Apr 2020
Patient FAQs on video consultations 102KB PDF 24 Apr 2020
Troubleshooting - Attend Anywhere 141KB PDF 07 Apr 2020