man having rehab therapy on his arm

Group rehabilitation

Group rehabilitation is an intensive rehabilitation service predominately consisting of exercise based therapy for musculoskeletal patients in a group or out-patient basis, depending on their needs and abilities.

Our rehabilitation consists of a uniquely designed multidisciplinary approach that is tailored to the individual needs of the patient and aims to achieve a patient’s optimum functional ability including return to work following illness or injury.

Physiotherapists specialise in lower limb injuries and conditions and have a specialist interest in post op rehabilitation. Physiotherapists work closely with orthopaedic consultants to establish treatment protocols and discuss patient progression.

Occupational therapists also treat a variety of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions that are limiting a patient’s functional ability. Specialising in vocational rehabilitation; supporting patients to remain in work or return to work.

The service has an open plan gym with space for assessment stations and matt based exercises and two further rooms containing a variety of resistance and cardiovascular equipment. This space is utilised by patients who attend at a specific time which correlates to their particular condition and rehabilitation aims. There is also access to separate treatment cubicles for patients who need a greater degree of privacy for their treatment.

Timely referral into the rehabilitation at Florence Nightingale Community Hospital ensures that other services can keep their waiting lists low and patients receive the right treatment at the right time. Many of our patients will be treated within a group creating a supportive environment and ensuring our service is both cost effective and efficient.

Contact Details

Sarah Holt
Team Lead/Occupational Therapy
Telephone: 01332 254864

Tim Barker
Team Lead/Physiotherapy
Tel: 01332 258102