How to refer to group rehabilitation

Most of our referrals are from orthopaedic consultants, A&E, and GPs, however we will accept written referrals from consultants inside and outside of the UHDB Trust, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and staff referrals from occupational health.

Our referrals are predominantly NHS; however we also accept private physiotherapy referrals.

To refer into physiotherapy please write to:

Group Rehabilitation
Level 3
Florence Nightingale Community Hospital

or email referrals to

Criteria to refer to occupational therapy

We primarily accept referral for patients with musculoskeletal injuries or conditions. We will accept referrals for patients with non-musculoskeletal issues where their physical deficits are affecting their functional ability, however, we will not accept referrals for patients who are already under the ongoing care of other outpatient occupational therapy services.

Please refer to group rehabalitation because you believe your patient would benefit from seeing an occupational therapist, not because you want them to have access to the gym facilities . You should consider referring to occupational therapy if you have a patient who is experiencing difficulty with their ability to function.

Below are examples to consider

  • Your patient is employed in a job that they are not yet able to return to.
  • Your patient is in work but is not able to/is struggling to complete all of their required hours or duties.
  • Your patient is not currently employed but is keen and motivated to look for work and would like to establish what their physical/functional capacity is.
  • Your patient has a specific and essential functional task they are struggling to return to.
  • You may have a patient who has applied for benefits and has been turned down but you feel they are entitled to receive it. These patients can be seen for a one off assessment that aims to establish their functional capacity and provide them with evidence for their appeal.

Potential interventions

  • ‘Work Hardening’/ Vocational rehabilitation to improve tolerance to specific work related activities.
  • Functional Capacity type assessment to explore employability.
  • Workplace assessment or one off assessment for advice regarding work and ability to perform specific work related tasks.
  • Splinting – please note this is not a stand-alone intervention but can be used within a package of care.
  • A short course of rehabilitation that seeks to improve their ability to complete a specific functional task through exercise and activity simulation. This may also involve provision of assistive equipment if appropriate.

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