Escape pain programme

escape pain programme logo Escape pain is a rehabilitation programme designed to help people with osteoarthritis and/or chronic joint pain self-manage their condition. The programme aims to increase physical function and improve quality of life.

The aim of the group is to provide information, advice and discussion around the effective management of osteoarthritis of the knee and/or hip. The course is run by the group rehabilitation department at London Road Community Hospital and includes 12 sessions across 6 weeks.

Each session contains around 20 minutes of discussion focussed on helping to support self-management and is followed by about 40 minutes of exercise. The sessions are led by experienced occupational therapists and physiotherapists who will support patients through the programme.

Escape pain is endorsed and supported by NICE, British Society of Rheumatology, Royal Society of Public Health, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Arthritis UK.

The course will offer

  • A group-based approach which allows patients to meet likeminded people.
  • The support and guidance of an experienced therapist.
  • A programme of exercise which is suited to the patient's ability. The exercise programme aims to dispel any myths around exercise and osteoarthritis, as well as introduce patients to the most appropriate exercises for them.
  • Exploration of lifestyle changes to help manage the pain associated with the condition and maximise engagement in activities of daily living.
  • Use of the therapy gym equipment with supervision.

If you are a patient and feel that this group would benefit you, then please speak to your GP or healthcare professional about being referred to us.