Cardiology (Heart)

Our cardiology departments provide a full range of services for inpatients and outpatients. We have dedicated wards and coronary care units, modern cardiac catheter facilities, outpatient clinics and cardiac rehabilitation programmes.

Our cardiology departments are based at Queen's Hospital Burton and Royal Derby Hospital.

Queen's Hospital Burton

The Cardiology Department at Queens Hospital Burton includes inpatient wards, outpatient services and a modern cardiac catheter lab which opened in 2013. The catheter lab offers diagnostic and permanent pacing services. There are two dedicated cardiology wards on site; Ward 6 which has 20 beds and the Coronary Care Unit which has 10 beds. Cardiology outpatient clinics and mainly take place in the chest pain clinic situated next to CCU.

A separate cardiorespiratory department at Burton offers a comprehensive diagnostic service including exercise stress testing, ambulatory rhythm and blood pressure monitoring, tilt testing, and echocardiography and follow up clinics patients with pacemakers and  devices.
A cardiac rehabilitation program is offered to patients post myocardial infarction, angioplasty cardiac surgery and for suitable patients with heart failure.

Contact us

Outpatients Patient Access Centre

Telephone: 01283 593 200
Inpatients  Ward 6

Telephone: 01283 593 060

Inpatients  Coronary Care Unit

Telephone: 01283 593 074 

Telephone: 01283 593 078         

Cardiorespiratory department

Telephone: 01283 593 119

Cardiac rehabilitation

Telephone: 01283 593 150

Royal Derby Hospital

The Cardiology Department at Royal Derby Hospital includes dedicated inpatient wards, including the Coronary Care Unit and Wards 310 and 408. 

Our outpatient service is where patients receive tests including echocardiograms, chest x-rays and ECGs to diagnose and monitor symptoms. 

At our cardiac catheter suite we provide pacemaker services, including fitting and follow-up appointments.

A cardiac rehabilitation programme is offered to both inpatients and outpatients with conditions including myocardial infarction (heart attack), angina and heart failure. 

Contact us

Medical outpatients 

Telephone: 01332 786 271

Inpatients  Coronary Care Unit

Telephone: 01283 593 060

Inpatients  Ward 310

Telephone: 01332 787 310 

Telephone: 01332 788 310  

Inpatients  Ward 408     

Telephone: 01332 787 408 

Cardiac rehabilitation

Telephone: 01332 785 597

Cardiac catheter suite

Telephone: 01332 789 011