Staff recognition

celebrating success awards 2018

We have a number of recognition schemes that honour our members of staff for the dedication, innovation and excellence they provide to our staff and patients.

UHDB Hero, CEO Award and Employee and Team of the Month

These four awards allow us to recognise those staff that live our values and make a real difference to the care of our patients, either directly or indirectly. We want to recognise staff that go that extra mile to improve patient care and staff experience. Our staff can be nominated by patients, relatives, colleagues and the public. We want to make our staff feel valued and appreciated.

Annual awards

Every year our annual awards event rewards our staff who have made a real difference and is an opportunity to showcase the excellent work and achievements of our Trust.  Our awards are centred around our Values, over the years our staff have shown true innovation, exemplary team work and dedication to their jobs and our Trust.

Long Service Awards

The Trust believes that reaching a Long Service or Dedicated Service milestone should be recognised. Each year we honour our loyal and dedicated staff with a certificate, gift card and pin badge.

Retirement Awards

The Trust recognises the importance of retirement and the massive contribution our staff have made. Our staff have dedicated their lives to our Hospitals, with 10 and 20 years Trust Service therefore we want to mark the occasion and celebrate this fantastic achievement.

Alison Statham Student Nurse of the Year Award

This award is in memory of Alison Statham who was an instrumental, inspirational and loved nursing Sister at the Trust. She held the principles of nursing close to her heart and always went the extra mile. This award is a lasting legacy to Alison; it recognises the outstanding contribution from student nurses and it will encourage and maintain Alison’s inspirations drive, commitment, compassion, care and courage on a daily basis. We seek to find student nurses who show excellent and outstanding performance and go above and beyond their duties to make a real difference. We want to reward our student nurses for their commitment to our patients with their excellent care and professional attitudes.

Clinical Excellence Awards

Clinical Excellence Awards recognise and reward NHS consultants and academic GPs who perform ‘over and above’ the standard expected of their role. Awards are given for quality and excellence, acknowledging exceptional personal contributions. As there are a limited number of new awards agreed by Ministers, this makes the process very competitive.

To be considered for an award, a doctor will have to demonstrate achievements in developing and delivering high quality patient care, and commitment to the continuous improvement of the NHS.

The Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) administers the scheme. It is managed on the Committee’s behalf by a full-time secretariat in the Department of Health in England.