For industry

As part of our commitment to supporting industry led research, we have a Board level endorsed strategic drive to develop successful collaborations with industry through acting as a research site for commercially sponsored research studies, working with SMEs to develop ideas into research studies.

We have a dedicated set up team who work on commercial research projects to ensure timely set up and delivery of commercial research projects. This involves budget negotiation, feasibility review (including support department authorisations) and ongoing performance management of recruitment. The team works closely with the East Midlands CRN to ensure that a quality service is provided i.e. studies are set up as quickly as possible and managed through-out the whole lifecycle.

Studies are set up to ensure compliance with UK and EU legislation related to clinical trials and clinical research. To support this we have a dedicated Research Contracts manager and we are also supported by a team of nurses, midwives and healthcare assistance who endeavour to deliver a successful research study.

We can work with partners to identify suitable funding opportunities and make joint applications where appropriate.

We recognise that confidentiality is paramount in certain circumstances, and have documentation to ensure that you are protected in terms of confidentiality and commercially sensitive information.


“It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Clinical Trials Pharmacy team at the Royal Derby. They are a very professional, helpful, engaged and super friendly team! High quality in delivering clinical trials and extremely organised in their work. I hope to keep working in collaboration with them in many years to come.”

Esther Gomes Kirkland, Senior Clinical Research Associate, Pharmaceutical Company.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the Pharmacy Clinical Trials Team. Through set up and monitoring of the study they have been very responsive to requests. At visits they are friendly and proactive; ensuring that the Pharmacy File is kept in good order and all stock is accounted for.”

CRA, Pharmaceutical Company