Parking at Royal Derby Hospital

The Royal Derby Hospital has more than 1,000 patient, relatives and visitor parking spaces.

There are many car parks at the Royal Derby Hospital, please use the car park closest to the department you are visiting (this is indicated on patient appointment letters).

We have electric charging points availabile located in car park 3.

Parking charges for car parks: 2, 4, 6, 7

Car parks: 2, 4, 6, 7



Up to 1 hour £2.40
Up to 2 hours £3.20
Up to 3 hours £4.10
Up to 4 hours £4.70
Up to 5 hours £5.20
Up to 6 hours £6.20
Daily rate over 6 hours £9.00
Lost ticket charged at daily rate £9.00
Long term stay concession (7 day pass) £11.00
Long term stay concession (monthly pass) £25.00

Evening Parking

Between 5pm and 9pm

(Vehicles must enter the car park after 5pm and exit before 9pm)


Over Night Parking

Between 5pm and 8am

(Vehicles must enter the car park after 5pm and exit before 8am the following morning) 


Electric Charging Point

Connection fee in addition to parking charge

This is an additional charge. You must still purchase a parking ticket to cover your time on-site.


Payment Methods

You can pay in cash or by card at the pay stations or the car park office.


Parking charges for car park 8

Car park 8 is a short stay car park. 

Car park 8



Up to 1 hour £2.40
Up to 2 hours £3.20
Up to 3 hours £4.10
Over 3 hours £25

Parking areas

Parking areas

Area / Building

Car Park(s)

Accident & Emergency 4
Maternity & Gynaecology 6
Children’s Hospital 5 & 6
Specialist Outpatients (Cancer) 6 & 7
Medical / Surgical Outpatients 1 & 8 (Short stay)
Breast Unit 6 & 7
Kings Treatment Centre 1, 2, 3 & 4
Education Centre 4


Drop-off bays

Free 10 minute drop off/pick up spaces are available:

  • Main Entrance

Free 30 minute drop off/pick up spaces are available at:

  • Accident & Emergency 
  • Entrances 24
  • Entrance 21
  • Children’s Hospital

All car parks are free for the first 30 minutes. Simply insert your ticket into the exit barrier.

Disabled parking

Permit Holders

Persons using disabled parking spaces will be required to display their pass as issued by the Local Authority, which needs to be valid and up-to-date.

Car Park 3 has been specifically made for the use of disabled people, having 64 allocated spaces

In total, there are 123 disabled spaces in various locations. Some of those spaces are outside of the car parks, these being located at Entrance 24, Entrance 21 and Children’s Hospital.

Disabled parking spaces outside of the car parks will be time limited to a maximum stay of 3 hours.

What if I can't operate the barriers?

For those blue badge holders who have problems using the barriers, special dispensation will be offered to park outside of the barriers. Prior to their appointment or visit, patients and visitors would need to ring the Car Parking Office who would then advise them where to park.

To avoid misuse of the spaces and ensure that spaces are available for those who genuinely need them, patients and visitors will be asked to provide information as to why they cannot operate the barriers and will also be asked to provide their name, car registration number and disability badge number which will be kept on record in the car parking office.

Parking is free of charge for all Blue Badge holders.

Blue Badge holders must take a ticket to enter the car park and display the Blue Badge in clear view for staff to see.

When leaving the car park Blue Badge holders will need to drive up to the exit barrier and press the help button explaining that they are a Blue Badgeholder.

Staff will ask the driver to hold the Blue Badge up to the screen, upon viewing the barrier will be raised for the visitor to leave free of charge.

Car parking office opening hours

  • 7am to 9pm Monday to Friday
  • 1pm to 9pm weekends and Bank Holidays.

For all enquiries please ring the Car Parking Office on: 01332 786 776