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UHDB's Perinatal Mental Health team is a lifeline for pregnant women

To mark Parent Mental Health Day (Friday, 27 January) we are shining a light on UHDB's Perinatal Mental Health Team.

Just over a year old, this unique service was first run by Corinne Ward, Lead Midwife and Dr Rebecca Robinson, Consultant Obstetrician and Lead for Perinatal Mental Health, but has now developed into a bigger team made up of four midwives and two consultants.


New mum thanks amazing midwives who helped her during difficult labour

A UHDB colleague who gave birth to her first child at the Trust has thanked the team of medics who she said delivered a ‘VIP experience’ when her dream labour plan “got turned upside down.”

Ali Naylor and her husband Will have shared their birthing story to highlight the ‘invaluable support’ midwives offered when things didn’t go to plan. They hope to raise awareness, provide reassurance and express their thanks to the team who delivered baby Rupert safely.


Fantastic new birthing pool facility opens at QHB for mums-to-be

Mums-to-be in communities around Burton and Derbyshire can now have their baby in a new birthing pool room, which has opened at Queen’s Hospital Burton.

The cutting-edge facility features a fully accessible ergonomic pool, welcoming décor and dimmable LED lighting to help give parents the most relaxing experience possible.


Couple thank amazing UHDB midwives after welcoming ‘miracle’ baby

A couple who went through IVF in the dreams of starting their family say they will be ‘eternally grateful’ to midwives at Queen’s Hospital Burton, who helped them on their journey to becoming mummies.

Nikki and Lauren Hughes have told of their joy at finally having their miracle baby girl Harper in their arms and feeling ‘complete’ after enduring fertility treatment and a difficult pregnancy.

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