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Introducing our new International Nurse Facilitator, Aldarico


Meet Aldarico – our International Nurse Facilitator. He originally started his Nurse Training in the Philippines and moved over to the UK in July 2019 to continue his nursing role working at University Hospitals of Derby and Burton.

“I came over to the UK with a group of other Filipino Nurses, some of us lived together at the start so we could really try to embrace British culture.  My new role as International Nurse Facilitator is about fostering a positive learning experience for international nurses coming to work with us at #TeamUHDB – my support isn’t just for our Filipino Nurses, it is for any nurse that has joined us from overseas.”

When Al first started working in the UK, he said he found it quite tough – the language barrier and change in culture was particularly challenging. He said: “My favourite part about my role is the ability to make a difference. Everything I want to help our international nurses with comes from my own experience of coming over from the Philippines and working in the UK for the first time myself – it can be a really scary time!”

All is introduced to every new cohort of international nurses when they start working at the Trust – he uses his experience and own growth to inspire them to be the best they can be. Al says: “Nursing is tough, there will be times that you will cry, you will worry a lot, you will be frightened, but do you know what, that is ok! All of those feelings are part of you as a person, it will connect you more to yourself and the job that you are doing - eventually you will use all of those experiences to become the best Nurse you can possibly be.”

Al has recently supported the new cohort of Palestinian refugee nurses that have recently started working at Royal Derby Hospital, he said: Aldarico said: “We have worked alongside different teams and ensured that not only a structured and personalized induction plan is in place, but the wards are fully prepared and well-informed of the Programme as well.

“To leave their loved ones and to live and work in a completely different environment can be extremely lonely and daunting. I believe they have settled in really well and while they recognise that there is still so much to learn and to experience, they remain open-minded, enthusiastic and committed. I am very proud of them and UHDB is so lucky to have them.”

As International Nurse Facilitator, Al is also here to support our International Nurses that are already working in the Trust. If you would like any support from him, please email