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QHB facilities staff say they are a 'family' on FM Day

Facilities team at QHB

Today is World Facilities Management (FM) Day, where we celebrate the contributions made by FM staff across the globe.

We are gathering stories from colleagues across our Trust to speak about what it is like to work in FM, and what this day means to them. Some Queen’s Hospital Burton FM colleagues have shared their thoughts with us.

One of those is Melissa Day, who has been the Chef in the Catering Department at QHB for five years, and prior to that, had been on the Bank for Catering since 2014. She said of working with her FM colleagues: “We’re a team here, and a family. Especially during Covid, being part of this felt really important – and I feel very lucky.

Melissa loves “meeting different people and hearing their stories when you work on the wards” – and one of her favourite parts of the day is coming into work and getting ‘updates’ either from patients, nurses or FM colleagues. “Keeping up with each other during the pandemic has been so important.”

Eleanor Neary, who has been a Catering Assistant at QHB since October 2021, agreed: “We’re a big family and everyone looks after each other, as well as catering for those in need.

“That’s probably my favourite part of the job – and I enjoy it when I work with nurses and staff on the wards.

Melissa told us about what she thought made FM staff who they are: “We’re hard-working, determined, and always want to deliver at the best of our ability.

“Even when we’ve struggled with staffing [due to staff isolating], you just have to go and get it done and we’ve always pulled together to do that.

“I’m proud that we’ve all worked so hard over the last few years, and I’m happy that we’re celebrating FM Day today - it feels good to be recognised for what we do.”

We also spoke to Mo Ford and Brian French, Healthcare Cleaners at QHB since 2007 and 2016 respectively.

Mo said: “We are good to work with as we’re a big team and work together as a unit. We’re all in it together, pushing in the same direction.

“Even on Bank Holidays – which I don’t think people always realise – we are there keeping the car running. I also work very closely with A&E, the ambulance service and consultants.

“We’re always ‘on’, and never short of things to do. I absolutely love my job.”

Brian agreed, saying he records a daily log of his activities and performs a range of services across the hospital. He also added that FM staff are very easy to get on with and are very fun socially.