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Trust shortlisted for Student Nursing Times Award

Practice Learning and Support Unit

The Practice Learning and Support Unit (PLSU) are delighted to have been shortlisted for the ‘Student Placement of the Year: Hospital’ category for the prestigious Student Nursing Times Award 2020.

PLSU is responsible for ensuring both the quantity and quality of student clinical placements for all commissioned health professions to create a student workforce fit for future practice.

Their nomination highlighted the success and benefits of the Student Time Out sessions, which are open to all student Nurses, Midwives and Trainee Nursing Associates on placement at all UHDB sites.

At the sessions, students are encouraged to talk about current topics to do with their placements and clinical learning that they are struggling with, which leads to a facilitated discussion taking place between the students, offering peer support by reflecting on their own experiences.

This gives students the opportunity to develop their skills as leaders by sharing their own experiences, how they learned from them and how they overcame any struggles.  Guidance is also offered by the member of PLSU and open ended coaching questions are asked to encourage the students to come to their own resolutions.

Claire Kinnell, Practice Learning Support Manager, said: “At PLSU, we have a great passion for the quality of learning and providing students with a learning experience that is of benefit to them and to the Trust. We are really honoured that our hard work has been recognised on a national level.”

For more information on the work that PLSU do, please visit the Practice Learning Support Unit (PLSU) page on our website.