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Grateful grandaughter thanks Ward 15 for their compassionate end of life care

Ward 15

A grateful grandaughter has thanked Ward 15 at Queen’s Hospital Burton for the compassionate end of life care they provided to their grandmother.

Bronwen Owens nominated the team after her Grandmother passed away at the beginning of January 2021. Bronwen’s grandmother was in hospital with Coronavirus, but sadly her body became too weak to fight the virus.

The granddaughter’s nomination for Ward 15 highlighted their excellent care and compassion. Bronwen said: “The staff on ward 15 showed my grandmother care and compassion and made sure that she was comfortable. They also showed kindness to all the family and despite the visiting restrictions allowed us to visit making sure we were safe to visit and safe whilst visiting. This meant that we were able to be with my gran when she passed away so she was not alone.

Ward 15

“The team also arranged for a priest to visit my grandmother by her bedside. Having a Catholic priest do the last rights for my Gran was very important to her and we are so grateful for all the team did to get that priest there.

“Being a nurse myself I really felt the team went above and beyond that night to make sure the priest attended and they made sure my grans final wishes were honoured. I cannot tell you how much that would have meant to her and how much it meant to the whole family. Thank you so much.”

Duncan Bedford, Executive Managing Director, Burton visited the team to present them with the Team UHDB Award to thank them for what they did for this patient.

Irma Jusic, Sister on Ward 15 said: “It has been incredibly hard working through the pandemic. There have been tough times but we have all pulled each other through. It is very rewarding to have our work recognised and we are extremely grateful for the lovely nomination and feedback.”

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