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Healthcare Assistant Lesley praised for her wonderful work at LRCH

Lesley receiving award

A Healthcare Assistant from London Road Community Hospital has been praised for her outstanding patient care with our “Excellent Employee Award”.

Lesley Shaw, who works in the Parkinson’s Team, was nominated by a colleagues for her friendliness and gentle manner and always putting the patients first. Her colleague Fiona Lindop, Specialist Physiotherapist said: “Lesley is an amazing team member who is always putting the patient first. She greets each patient who arrives in our department with friendliness and gentleness that puts them at their ease, especially in these challenging times. She demonstrates her care for everyone, including helping individuals who have had strokes, and can only use one hand, to gel their hands as they arrive in the department. She ensures that each person is treated with great dignity and respect, no matter how busy or stressful the working environment is.

“In addition to this, Lesley will offer her help to any team member in any way that she can - going above and beyond on so many occasions. She is prepared to step in to help in whatever way she can, and has just stepped in to manage face to face clinics to protect colleagues who have had to withdraw from face-to-face encounters for their own health reasons.”

MS Teams call with Kathy McLeanIn an emotional, surprise MS Teams call, Kathy McLean, Chair at UHDB, presented the award to Lesley. Lesley said: “It’s quite overwhelming to receive this award; I don’t know what to say. I always try to do my best for the patients. I’m absolutely speechless, what a lovely surprise.”

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Chief Executive Award – Chosen by Gavin Boyle

Patient Hero Award – Nominated by patients      

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