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Donna Coates, Perioperative Support Apprentice

Donna works in the Day Case Unit. She has completed her Level 2 Clinical Healthcare Support with Derby College. Donna has now gone on to do a Level 3 apprenticeship in perioperative support with hope of eventually becoming an assistant practioner. Her apprenticeship ends in July 2019.

When asked what parts of her apprenticeship she enjoyed, Donna replied; "All of it! I do 1 month in theatres, 1 month on the ward - I really enjoy the interaction with patients and the surgical knowledge that i am always building!"

"My apprenticeship has benefited me as I have gained so much knowledge about the role and also been able to apply my theory and classroom work to my every day job."

Beofre starting her apprenticeship, Donna worked as a teaching assistant. Some of her every day jobs include preparing theatre for patients and setting up basic care plans. Many operations take place in the day case unit, including gall bladder removal, hernia operations and varicose vein operations.