Visiting guidance

Restrictions remain in place and inside all of our hospitals you still need to wear a mask. Please see information for visitors > before you plan on visiting.

Maternity services during coronavirus

midwife holding baby

It is extremely important that during the coronavirus pandemic, all pregnant women continue to access regular care throughout their pregnancy and following the birth of their baby.

Your baby’s movements matter

If you notice that your baby is not moving or the movements have changed or reduced, you still need to call the hospital you are booked to give birth at immediately. Even if you think you may have Covid-19 symptoms you must contact the hospital and we will arrange for you to be seen in an isolation area to check you and your baby are healthy. Do not wait for your next midwife appointment.

Advice regarding social distancing while pregnant

All pregnant women, regardless of how far through their pregnancy they are, should observe the social distancing guidance available on the government website. Advice includes the avoidance of contact with people who are known to have COVID-19 or those who exhibit possible symptoms:

Women who are more than 28 weeks pregnant should be particularly attentive to social distancing and minimising contact with others. Major new measures have been announced for people at highest risk from coronavirus, this includes pregnant women with significant heart disease (congenital or acquired).

Additional support for new and expectant parents


The Derby Community Parent Programme (DCPP) is a volunteer support programme.

During the current time whilst pregnant women are encouraged to socially distance and remain at home, DCPP have set up a new safe and secure Facebook group for new and expectant parents who have had, or are expecting to have, their baby at Royal Derby Hospital.

This is a really great opportunity for expectant or new parents to build relationships and obtain support from their communities during the period of change faced by managing COVID-19.

Find out more here:


Staffordshire Maternity Voice Partnership offer additional online support:

We know this is a challenging time for expectant mothers and new parents. Information and guidance is regularly changing and we will make every effort to keep women and families updated. Our priority is to provide safe maternity care and to support a positive birth experience for all during this time.

Despite these changes we will still support you with the many choices available, positions for labour, aromatherapy, relaxation support using music during labour, pain relief options, mobilisation, infant feeding support etc. Please talk to your maternity teams if you require further information.