Gynaecology Oncology

Gynaecology Oncology

The Derby Gynaecological Cancer Centre aims to deliver the highest quality of care for women affected by gynaecological cancer. We help women undergoing the initial diagnosis, investigations, surgical treatment and follow up care.

We strive for the best survival outcomes and for treatment to be delivered in a way that minimises any potential harm. We aim to fully inform women about all their disease and the options available for their care.

We welcome any feedback on our service which might benefit other women diagnosed with gynaecological cancer.

Clinical Nurse Specialists

You can discuss all aspects of your diagnosis, and any treatment you may require, with your nurse specialist. They can provide support and information on the kinds of treatment provided and introduce you to other colleagues along the way, who may be helpful to you in hospital or at home.

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Clinical Nurse Specialist Team:

Derby telephone- 01332 785925

Burton telephone- 01283 593139


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