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Care for Deaf patients highlighted as an area of good practice

Beth Bateman, A&E Consultant, RDH

UHDB is extremely proud to have seen the assistance offered to our Deaf patients at the Royal Derby Hospital highlighted as an area of good practice by the CQC.  

A number of different initiatives have been introduced in the hospital’s A&E department to help us improve access to healthcare for our Deaf patients and hospital visitors.

Face-to-face interpreters are available to offer support to patients and their families, while more than 500 frontline members of staff have been taught basic sign language and have received Deaf awareness training.

Hospital visitors have also benefited from our use of digital system SignLive within the department, which provides assistance via an on-screen interpreter until a face-to-face interpreter arrives.

The video interpreting service is easy to use and offers a direct link to an interpreter 24 hours a day, with frontline staff able to access the service via an electronic tablet located within the department.