Burton Nurse reunited with family after 7 weeks apart | Latest news

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Burton Nurse reunited with family after 7 weeks apart

A Burton Nurse who has worked on the frontline caring for patients with Coronavirus has shared a video of the moment she was reunited with her beloved children.

Aimie, a Nurse on Ward 9, who has worked at the Trust for five years, left her three children behind with their father at the end of March.

Aimie’s five year old daughter Ivy suffers with Asthma, so is socially shielding. Aimie was worried about putting her loved ones at risk, so when an opportunity came up to stay elsewhere, she took it to protect her family.

“It was horrible being away from home, but knowing that my family was safe reassured me – I know it was for the best.

“Although it has been tough, my colleagues have been so supportive. They are always so welcoming – it really helps when you have got a good team around you to support you through the highs and the lows.

“Staying away from my family made me realise what it is like for those who are socially shielding on their own, it is very lonely and it is quite strange when the only contact you have with friends and family is via Facetime and Zoom Calls!”

Aimie returned to her three children; Dillon, 12, Rex, 10 and Ivy, 5 on 13th May. Aimie shared with us an emotional video of her return. Her three young children are seen embracing their mother after more than a month apart.

Aimie said, “It was so lovely and also very emotional to be reunited with my children again. My daughter Ivy has now said she’d love to be a Nurse one day after seeing what her mummy has been doing with her team – her original career route was to become a princess!”