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Celebrating National Apprenticeships Week 2024 at UHDB

National Apprenticeships Week takes place this year from Monday 5 - Sunday 11 February 2024, and as this awareness week unfolds, UHDB is proud to celebrate the invaluable contributions of apprentices to our organisation and the healthcare sector at large.

Throughout this week, our Learning & Education team colleagues within People Services have been tirelessly promoting apprenticeships to young people in schools and colleges across our local communities. By highlighting the diverse opportunities available within the NHS, we aim to inspire and nurture the next generation of healthcare professionals.

In addition, we want to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to all of our inspiring apprentices within UHDB for their unwavering dedication to supporting colleagues delivering exceptional care to our patients. To the over 500 of you working at our organisation - your enthusiasm, flexibility and passion is invaluable to all that we do.

Apprenticeships play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our NHS organisation as well as the careers of those who undertake them - allowing us to nurture burgeoning talent both within our communities and beyond, and in turn, helping us foster innovation through the establishment of new roles and recruitment pathways that make an invaluable contribution to the care we provide.

Apprenticeships are available across a spectrum of levels, from GCSE equivalent to masters degree level, allowing colleagues to tailor bespoke roles to best aid their teams and departments, while ensuring the development of the apprentice to suit their career aspirations and professional development plans.

Why choose an apprenticeship with UHDB?

For an apprentice, embarking on an apprenticeship journey means more than just acquiring a qualification - it also results in crucial first hand experience and knowledge of vital skills transferrable to a range of professions, as well as of those in a healthcare setting.

Whether working in an office or being in direct contact with patients, there are a variety of apprenticeship opportunities at UHDB - and by undertaking an apprenticeship with us, the cost of the training and qualification is paid for alongside competitive salaries, helping you to 'earn while you learn'.

As an organisation, we will always aim to inspire and nurture the next generation of healthcare professionals - recruiting our future workforce while providing them with the right opportunities to develop their skills through their apprenticeships.

For new recruits, a permanent post with UHDB is not guaranteed after the completion of the apprenticeship contract, although a high percentage of apprentices do gain further employment here. New recruits will also be supported with job searches towards the end of the apprenticeship if required.

If you're thinking about joining UHDB as an apprenticeship and would like to explore our current vacancies, or you would simply like more information on what we can offer, you can visit our Apprenticeships page on our website here >

You can also contact the team directly on uhdb.vocationaltraining@nhs.net.

Suraya Ria shares her apprenticeship experience

In the spirit of celebrating apprenticeships and their mutual benefits for both UHDB and the individuals, we heard from Suraya Ria, a new Trainee Nursing Associate currently undertaking her apprenticeship at UHDB.

Suraya shared her experience of the apprenticeship journey, explaining: "I am currently studying Nursing Associate as part of my apprenticeship, with my main goal to become a fully-qualified nurse.

"I began working here as an apprentice Healthcare Assistant - and following successful completion of this, my manager encouraged me to progress to the next level, which led me to apply for the TNA program.

"The study model is a mix of practical work in various wards and theoretical learning at Derby University. Balancing hospital duties, university classes, and clinical training schedules while completing assignments has been challenging, but it has taught me valuable lessons in time and energy management.

"I was a bit nervous going back to University to complete the course - it has been 14 years since I was last in that setting - but I've loved meeting so many new people and I have learnt so much from different wards, colleagues and staff.

"That has been the best part of the apprenticeship - new skills, new knowledge, and experiencing many different aspects of nursing. I am very excited about the opportunities to grow, learn, and make a meaningful difference in nursing.

"For anyone who is thinking about undertaking an apprenticeship, do it - and make sure you have a real sense of purpose as to why you are doing it, and be determined in all that you do."

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