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Diabetes team win Team UHDB award for “exemplary” glucose treatment

Diabetes team presented with award by Dr Magnus Harrison

The Diabetes Team at the Royal Derby Hospital have been presented with a Team UHDB Monthly Making a Difference Award after a patient praised the “world class” care they received.

The patient praised how appointments had always been kept, “exemplary” information and guidance was given and the patient’s health outcomes with managing the position improved.

The team has also helped the patient move to using Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM), which involves a small device being fitted just below the skin which constantly streams data such as blood glucose levels, to a mobile phone app, allowing patients to monitor their diabetes in real time.

The patient said: “The team has helped me adapt to using this technology and it’s been life changing and transformative. I feel now that at any point, I can check my blood glucose and have full control over my diabetes.

“Keep doing what you’re doing; you’re changing outcomes for the better.”

Dr Robinson, Consultant in Diabetes and her team were presented with the award for their exceptional care to this patient.

She said: “Treating patients remotely and monitoring their glucose levels is a game changer. It’s really brilliant!

“It makes coming into work and doing what we do, so worth it when you hear how life changing it is for patients to receive this treatment.”

Dr Magnus Harrison, Executive Medical Director and Deputy CEO at UHDB, presented the team with their award, and said: “This award is here to show our appreciation and thank the diabetes team for all their hard work.

"You're all truly amazing and should be extremely proud."

If you would like to nominate a colleague or team for a Monthly Making a Difference Award, please let us know.

There are four monthly Making a Difference Awards categories:

  • Chief Executive Award – chosen by CEO Gavin Boyle
  • Patient Hero Award – nominated by patients
  • Team UHDB Award – UHDB colleagues can nominate their own or another team
  • Excellent Employee Award – UHDB colleagues can nominate their colleagues

You can send a 300 word nomination, along with the name of the team or individual, their job title and where they work, to: uhdb.employeeawards@nhs.net.