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Gold Command win Behind the Scenes award

Gold Command with trophy and certificate

The Gold Command Incident Control Centre team have been presented with a certificate and trophy for the Behind the Scenes award at this year’s Annual Making a Difference Awards.

The team was established at the start of the pandemic and is made up of staff who were redeployed from across the Trust to deliver relevant and timely data during the challenges of the pandemic.

Data included the number of covid positive patients on site and covid related deaths, as well as an update on the number of patients in ICU and discharges.

Gold Command also supported the Trust to ensure daily covid data were accessible to the executive team to keep track of the covid demand levels.

Jo Allen, Service Manager, helped to establish a resilient and robust Gold Incident Control Centre. She said: “I feel so proud of what the team has achieved. Our aim was to provide the best possible support to the Executive team and the front line staff in managing the data requests and the overall response.

“When you come from a non-clinical role, it can be hard to see how your help impacts others. It feels great to know we achieved that and made such a difference.”

Simon Crowther, Executive Director of Finance, presented the Behind the Scenes award’s category in July and shared his congratulations to the team.

He said: “This team is a shining example of the dedication, commitment and ingenuity needed and displayed by the NHS to get through the pandemic.

“The fact that staff were redeployed from other areas makes their achievement and accomplishments even more outstanding.

“Without a team like this, working so hard in the background and problem solving on a daily basis, we wouldn’t have got through the pandemic in the way we did.

“Huge congratulations and heartfelt thanks to all the team for everything they do and for the long hours they work.”