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Happy Eid to our colleagues, patients and communities

Eid at UHDB

Ismael Mussa Zubayr, Healthcare Assistant at Florence Nightingale Community Hospital, has been observing the holy month and he’s shared what Eid means for him and his family.

He said: “We’ve been fasting for the whole month now so Eid is a big celebration for us. My family follow the same tradition every year and I have been teaching my youngest, who is nearly four, what Eid is all about.

 “I go to the shops two or three days before Eid and get the children some sweets and chocolate and things they like and put it in a gift bag for them.

“We buy them something new to wear and when it’s time to break the fast we take the children to the mosque to pray. Then we go back home and we will have our morning meal which my wife will prepare, something like cake or homemade cookies. Then I will give the children their presents.

“The younger ones are very aware of what Eid is and they look forward to it.”

The last day of fasting depends on the sighting of the lunar moon which this year is expected to be Sunday 1 May.

Ismael added: “It is not a set day, it depends on how we see the moon. If the moon can be sighted after 29 days, the following day is Eid, otherwise we complete the full 30 days of fasting.

“We stop eating one hour and a half before sunrise. At the sunset the fasting period is over.”

Ismael has also thanked his colleagues for their support during the festivities.

He said: “I feel very supported. I have always made sure I can book Eid off work and my manager, who I consider to be the best manager I have worked with has always approved it. I cannot fault how my manager has been with me and the people I work with are aware I’m off for Eid but my experiences have always been really good.

“I would like to wish everyone across the trust a happy EID.”

Dr Magnus Harrison, Interim Chief Executive said: “Our Muslim colleagues have been working tirelessly, many while navigating the additional challenge of fasting for Ramadan. We’re exceptionally proud of our diverse workforce and I would like to extend warm Eid greetings to Ismael, all NHS staff, our patients and the communities we serve."