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LGBTQIA+ Network Chair awarded with Openness Award

Dan Walton-Ashmore being presented with his Openness Award by Amanda Rawlings

Daniel Walton-Ashmore, Trainee Nursing Associate and Chair of UHDB’s LGBTQIA+ network has been presented with an Annual Making a Difference Openness award by our Director of People and Organisational Development, Amanda Rawlings.

This award recognises Daniel’s commitment and dedication to the LGBTQIA+ community and the need to raise their profile both within and beyond the Trust.

Amanda Rawlings presented Daniel with his award to thank him in person for all his hard work over the last year.

She said: “The network has grown from a small group of people to a large community in a short period thanks to Daniel’s work. He has helped to help place LGBTQIA+ securely on the Trust’s agenda and has even taken his role to national meetings.

“The time and effort Daniel has put into his role is truly remarkable. On behalf of everyone at UHDB, we all think you’re amazing!

“You’re a breath of fresh air and should be so proud of what you’ve achieved.”

Some examples of Daniel’s stand out work include campaigning for staff to highlight which pronouns they identify with to become more inclusive and respectful as a Trust.

He also ran an impressive campaign for International Day Against Homophobia in which he shared his personal reflection of experiencing homophobia from a patient he had cared for.

Daniel said: “Receiving this award has filled me with such pride. The journey the health service and the Trust have been on over the past few months has been gruelling so to be recognised for the extra work is great.

“Showing openness is fundamental in the Trusts journey to being a truly inclusive workplace for all. Thank you to the emergency department for embracing the extra responsibilities brought with the role, and most importantly to our 165, and growing, members of the LGBTQIA+ network. You’re the bread and butter of this change.”